Turning roller conveyor
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Turning roller conveyor


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●Curved Design
●Variable Speed Control
●Low Maintenance
●Durable Construction
●Roller ConfigurationSafety Features

Turning roller conveyor

Brief Description

A turning roller conveyor is a type of material handling equipment designed to transport goods or materials smoothly and efficiently through a manufacturing or distribution process. Unlike a straight roller conveyor, which moves items in a linear path, a turning roller conveyor is equipped with curved sections that allow it to change direction. Turning roller conveyors are commonly used in various industries, including manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution, to facilitate the efficient flow of goods during production and logistics processes. They offer flexibility and versatility in routing products through a facility while maintaining a continuous and automated workflow.

Working principle

The conveyor consists of a series of rollers positioned along its length, and these rollers rotate to facilitate the movement of items placed on the conveyor. The turning sections of the conveyor are designed with a curve, allowing products to smoothly transition from one direction to another. This curved design is particularly useful in situations where a change in direction is necessary within a limited space.


●Space Efficiency: Turning roller conveyors are designed to change the direction of material flow efficiently, allowing for the optimization of space within a facility. 

●Flexibility in Layout: The curved design of turning roller conveyors provides flexibility in layout and allows for the creation of custom configurations. 

●Continuous Material Flow: The turning roller conveyor enables a continuous flow of materials without the need for manual intervention.

●Customization Options: Many turning roller conveyors feature modular designs that allow for easy customization.


It is suitable for the conveying of all kinds of boxes, bags, pallets and other objects, and bulk materials, small items or irregular items need to be transported on pallets or in turnover boxes.

Product Parameters:

  • Length range of single unit: 0.5-30 (m)

  • Belt width range: 100-3000 (mm) Equipment height range: 0.1-10 (m)

  • Conveying speed range: 1-50 (m/min)

  • Driving mode: fixed speed, speed control, stepping, etc.

  • Belt material: PVC, PU, PE, rubber, also can choose other special requirements of the Conveyor frame material selection: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium alloy

  • Choice of support: adjustable cups and mobile casters.

We offer a customised service, and you can contact us for more information on specific parameter details.

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