Non Power Roller Conveyor
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Non Power Roller Conveyor


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●Gravity-Powered Operation
●Simple Design
●Flexibility in Layout
●Manual or Gravity-Assisted Movement
●Quiet Operation
●Reduced Energy Consumption
●Adjustable Height

Non Power Roller Conveyor

Brief Desription:

A non-powered roller conveyor, also known as a gravity roller conveyor, is a simple and versatile material handling system used for transporting goods without the need for external power sources. The conveyor consists of a series of free-spinning rollers mounted on a frame. The force of gravity, either assisted by a slight decline in the conveyor or manually by operators, propels items along the rollers from one end to the other. Non-powered roller conveyors find applications across various industries, including warehousing, distribution, manufacturing, and retail. They are commonly used for tasks such as order picking, assembly line processes, loading and unloading trucks, and facilitating manual material handling. Additionally, they are integral components of carton flow systems and are suitable for temporary conveying needs. The versatility and simplicity of non-powered roller conveyors make them a practical choice for scenarios where a basic, gravity-driven material handling solution is sufficient. Their adaptability, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use contribute to their widespread use in diverse industrial and commercial settings.

Working Principle:

Working principle of a non-powered roller conveyor revolves around the natural force of gravity and the free rotation of rollers, providing a simple and effective means of moving products along a designated path without the need for external power sources.


Non-powered roller conveyors find application in various industries and settings due to their simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and versatility. Some common applications include: Order Picking and Packing、Shipping and Receiving Areas、Loading and Unloading Stations、E-commerce Fulfillment Centers、Airport Baggage Handling etc., Non-powered roller conveyors offer a practical solution for various material handling needs, particularly in situations where a simple and cost-effective conveyor system is sufficient for the application.

Product Parameters:

●Length range of single unit: 0.5-30 (m)

●Belt width range: 100-3000 (mm) Equipment height range: 0.1-10 (m)

●Conveying speed range: 1-50 (m/min)

●Driving mode: fixed speed, speed control, stepping, etc.

●Belt material: PVC, PU, PE, rubber, also can choose other special requirements of the Conveyor frame material selection: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium alloy

●Choice of support: adjustable cups and mobile casters.

We offer a customised service, and you can contact us for more information on specific parameter details.

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