Accumulating Roller Conveyor
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Accumulating Roller Conveyor


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●Roller Design
●Zoned Operation
●Accumulation and Release
●Variable Speed
●Accumulation Modes
●Accumulation Controls
●Integration with Automation

Accumulating Roller Conveyor

Brief Description:

Accumulating roller conveyors are mainly used for the in-house transport of packaged and unpackaged unit loads. Unit loads of all shapes and sizes can therefore be transported cost-efficiently and with little control effort. Roller conveyors are used for the zero-back pressure buffering of goods to be conveyed, e.g. for balancing performance fluctuations. Its technical advantages include space-saving accumulation without gaps, very low dynamic pressure, gentle conveying as well as quiet and practically maintenance-free operation.

Working Principle :

  • The rollers consist of a shaft on which diabolo wheels have been slid with a fitting.

  • If the product is stopped on the roller, the diabolo wheel will slide on the shaft.

  • The advantage of this type of drive is the basically silent operation including at high speeds.

  • The roller may statically charge when using non-electrically conducted bearing cartridges and, therefore, sparks may be transferred between the roller and frame.


●Create a helpful buffer zone between processes that require different lengths of time to complete. 

●Establish cooling and drying zones. Accumulation conveyor systems allow you to control how long items should cool / dry for.

●Allow operators to oversee multiple stations at once. Strategically timing production flows at specific intervals gives operators the chance to move in-between work areas.

●Can decrease the footprint of a conveyor line


Accumulating roller conveyors are used for buffering light and medium applications.To ensure that a specific moment can be used for an operation (for example, for printing, checking or adding a label). The rollers have been specifically selected and do offer just sufficient resistance to start up the products.  Such rollers are also referred to as friction rollers.

Product Parameters:

●Length range of single unit: 0.5-30 (m)

●Belt width range: 100-3000 (mm) Equipment height range: 0.1-10 (m)

●Conveying speed range: 1-50 (m/min)

●Driving mode: fixed speed, speed control, stepping, etc.

●Belt material: PVC, PU, PE, rubber, also can choose other special requirements of the Conveyor frame material selection: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium alloy

●Choice of support: adjustable cups and mobile casters.

We offer a customised service, and you can contact us for more information on specific parameter details.

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