Suspension Conveyor
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Suspension Conveyor


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●Overhead Suspension
●High Capacity
●Automation Integration
●Easy Maintenance
●Adaptability to Various Environments:
●Speed Control

Suspension Conveyor

Brief Description:

Suspended belt conveyor is a conveyor upgraded on the basis of ordinary belt conveyor. It has the characteristics of ordinary belt conveyor. It is supported by steel cable suspension, and at the same time saves the lower space, has low noise, and can transmit and transport efficiently. Suspended belt conveyor consists of conveyor belt (belt), roller, supporting device, driving device, redirecting device, feeding device, unloading device, braking device, cleaning device and frame and other components.

Working Principles:

Suspended belt conveyor suspends the conveying unit in the air through a rubber pull rope. It is used in warehouses and packaging workshops. It is generally used for product loading and transportation. It is hung and arranged on the factory frame, which can not occupy the ground production area. The influence of equipment and process operation is small, thereby improving the utilization rate and economic rationality of the production area of the workshop, and the structure is simple and easy to install. The pull rope made of rubber can avoid breakage caused by rust and provide guarantee for the normal operation of the conveying unit, with long service life and short maintenance period. The fixing method between the pull rope and the hanging rope is convenient for installation and removal.


Suspended belt conveyor is used in mines, ports, factories and other fields that require material handling. Compared with other material handling methods, the conveyor has the advantages of lower cost, less environmental impact and higher energy efficiency. The conveyor is installed above The support structure on the ground can reduce the land area occupied by the conveyor, provide better traffic channels, and improve safety.

Product Parameters:

  • Length range of single unit: 0.5-30 (m)

  • Belt width range: 100-3000 (mm) Equipment height range: 0.1-10 (m)

  • Conveying speed range: 1-50 (m/min)

  • Driving mode: fixed speed, speed control, stepping, etc.

  • Belt material: PVC, PU, PE, rubber, also can choose other special requirements of the Conveyor frame material selection: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium alloy

  • Choice of support: adjustable cups and mobile casters.

We offer a customised service, and you can contact us for more information on specific parameter details.

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