Chain Plate Conveyor
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Chain Plate Conveyor

●Plate Design
●Flexible Configurations
●Easy Maintenance
●Adjustable Speeds
●Quiet Operation
●Customization Options
●Integration with Automation

Chain Plate Conveyor

Brief Description:

A chain-plate conveyor is a type of conveyor system used for material handling in various industries. It consists of a continuous chain with attached plates or trays that move along a track to transport goods. Chain-plate conveyor is a type of mechanical conveyor system used for transporting various types of materials within industrial settings. It consists of a continuous chain, typically made of metal, with attached flat plates or trays. These plates are evenly spaced along the length of the chain and serve as the load-bearing surface for the transported goods. Chain-plate conveyor is a durable and versatile material handling solution that uses a continuous chain with attached plates to transport various types of goods within industrial environments. Its design features make it suitable for a wide range of applications, providing efficient and reliable material movement.


Their robust construction to withstand heavy loads, customizable configurations to adapt to different layouts, and the ability to integrate with automation systems for improved efficiency. These conveyors are often chosen for applications that require high throughput and reliable material transport.

Working Principle:

A flat top chain consists of a chain plate with loops on both sides and a pin shaft. The middle side of the two sides of the ring is fixed with the pin shaft (tight fit), which is called the movable circle; The other side is connected with another chain plate and pin shaft movable socket (gap fit), called a fixed ring. The movable ring and pin shaft form the chain of the flat top chain. Since the flat top chain needs to have a certain amount of free movement between adjacent chain plates during operation, there must be a certain gap between adjacent chain plates to ensure that the chain will not interfere during operation.


Chain-plate conveyors find applications in various industries where efficient and reliable material handling is essential. Some common applications include: manufacturing industry、food processing and packaging、automotive Industry、warehousing and distribution、textile Industry、airport baggage handling、mining and quarrying etc., The adaptability, robustness, and versatility of chain-plate conveyors make them suitable for a wide range of industries and applications where efficient and controlled material handling is crucial.

Product Parameters:

●Single unit length range: 500-30000 (mm)

●Chain width: 63.5, 82.5, 101.6, 114.3, 152.4, 190.5, 254, 304.8 (mm)

●Equipment height range: 200-10000 (mm)

●Conveying speed range: 1000-15000 (mm/min)

●Equipment driving mode: fixed speed, speed regulation, stepping, etc

●Plate chain material selection: plastic steel (POM) stainless steel (SUS304/SUS202) rack material selection: carbon steel, stainless steel

●Support method selection: triangular bracket, adjusting foot cup, moving caster.

We offer a customised service, and you can contact us for more information on specific parameter details.

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